Rapid Verb Collection

In 2019, GSCIA was involved in a Dinjii Zhuh K’yaa Rapid Verb Collection event. During this event, fluent Elders gathered together to create semantic domains revolving around action verbs, and then spoke words in Dinjii Zhuh K’yaa category-by-category. These words were recorded and used to create a database that is now being used as part of the student and community dictionaries. You can watch a brief Vice News documentary video of the event here:

Land-Based Curriculum Development

In 2021, GSCIA and Beaver Village Council received ANA funding to support a land-based curriculum development project. This three-year endeavor will create an online, mobile and print student dictionary, a vocab builder app and numerous picture books.

To this end, the GSCIA team already conducted a number of workshops. One in December 2021 in Fairbanks and two in April and May 2022 in Beaver.